Welcome to our Testimonials. Some of The Weather Blesser's clients have graciously agreed to share their success stories.

JAN - Vacation Time

Sondra blessed the weather for me on two separate occasions, once in 2017 and 2018 for my family beach vacations.  I know Sondra's abilities and I provided her advanced notice of when and where I was vacationing.  Both times, Sondra blessed me with absolutely beautiful weather, raining only at night.  So, if you have any outside activities or if you're going on vacation, I highly recommend Sondra to bless the weather for you!  Thank you!

LISA - Event Weather

I wanted to leave you a thank you for the other day. You had blessed the weather for us that our marathon kids go on and not be affected by the weather. You know how much I kind of fret over that; trying to figure out what to wear and how to deal with it. So it was very useful very valuable. We are very grateful for the work that you did that day so wanted to call and thank you!

Ryan - Backyard Bash

One of my best friends was turning forty so we decided to have the party at my house. We were having a pig roast, TONS of people, and kids were going to be swimming in the pool. The date was drawing closer and we were watching the future forecast that called for rain for three straight days leading up to the party. Everyone was in a panic because everything was outdoors.

I called Sondra and let her know our situation. She assured me to keep on planning the party and not to worry about it; she would take care of it and the party would go on as planned.

We kept watching the weather, and it rained just like they said it would. The morning of the party it poured all morning and we were still in a panic. We have all this food, people won't show up, and nowhere to put all these people if they did show up. Two hours before the party, the rain starts to let up and finally disappeared, the sun came out, everything dried out! The party went on from 2PM to 1AM as planned, just like Sondra told us it would.

We were all extremely pleased with the outcome of everything and with Sondra's talent that she has. Thank you for everything.